The 9 Best Bathroom Sinks to Suit Any Style or Budget in 2023

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Updated: June, 2022

We know that finding the best bathroom sink for your bathroom remodel is a difficult process, so that’s why we have spent over a week searching for the most stylish and functional bathroom sinks at the best value for you. From all of the products we found, the VCCUCINE Above Bathroom Sink is by far the most stand-out option thanks to its simple, minimalist design that will work in any bathroom style. This under-counter sink will match any countertop material, and the curved face of the sink will provide an eye-catching and stylish finish.

The bathroom is one of the most well-used rooms in your entire house and serves a purpose that you absolutely require every day. Your bathroom sink is your most functional and useful bathroom utility, as it’s where you brush your teeth and wash your hands, so keeping it in tip-top condition is a must.

Choosing to replace your bathroom sink will give your bathroom a new lease on life. There are many bathroom sink styles and options on the market today, ranging from the traditional under-counter variety to cool, contemporary vessel style sinks.

What are the Best Bathroom Sinks?

Whether your focus is on function or you want to create the ultimate bathroom statement, there are many bathroom sink options to suit practically any budget. From double basin designs to a minimalist look for a half bathroom, our buying guide to the best bathroom sinks for 2023 contains many options and styles to suit any look.

Best Bathroom Sinks in 2023

VCCUCINE Rectangle Above Counter Porcelain Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Vanity Sink

  • Weight: 26.1 pounds
  • Dimensions: 23.7 x 19.8 x 10.3 inches
  • Material: Ceramic

Bathroom Vessel Sink with Faucet Mounting Ring Puluomis

  • Weight: 17.61 pounds
  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 16.5 x 5.5 inches
  • Material: tempered glass

ELECWISH Bathroom Vessel Sink with Faucet

  • Weight: 17 pounds
  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 16.5 x 5.3 inches
  • Material: Glass

Tempered Glass Vessel Bathroom Vanity Sink

  • Weight: 16.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 16.5 x 5.5 inches
  • Material: tempered glass

KES Bathroom Rectangular Porcelain Vessel Sink

  • Weight: 26.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 21.4 x 18.1 x 8.7 inches
  • Material: Ceramic

Nantucket Sinks Rectangle Ceramic Undermount Vanity

  • Weight: 14 pounds
  • Dimensions: 18 x 13 x 7.5 inches
  • Material: Ceramic

Best Bathroom Sinks Review

#1. VCCUCINE Above Counter Bathroom Sink

Are you looking for a Bathroom Vessel Vanity Sink with an elegant and sleek modern European style? then Vessel Vanity Sink is the best buy for you. It is a Premium Quality Ceramic Construction highlighting both delicate and solid ceramic with crystalline glaze.

This luxury design vessel sink is the perfect match for any contemporary-modern bathroom. The sink dimensions are 18.90″ (L) x 14.57″ (W) x 5.12″ (H) and its package dimensions are 22.7 x 19.8 x 10.3 inches. The Porcelain ceramic is not only durable but also it’s a smooth finish making it easy to clean.

This sink is beautiful and solid and classy at a very affordable price. Also, it offers an above-the-counter installation type and features a 1 ¾” center Pop-up drain hole without overflow. Installation is a low-effort and simple DIY project.

Clean lines, stylish, sturdy design and deep basin make this sink perfect what you were looking for. The users mentioned this VCCUINE ceramic vessel sink as the best vanity sink for the money!


  • Not Easy to Scratch
  • So easy to install and super easy to clean.
  • A great addition to bathroom remodeling.


  • Have to spend for the pop-up drain.

#2. PULUOMIS Artistic Vessel Sink with Faucet

PULUOMIS artistic vessel sink with Faucet is the best option for awesome looking in any little bathroom. The slick touch texture and artificial hand-painted Pattern of this sink will add charm and elegance. This round shape sink is made from the best quality thick tempered glass. Furthermore, its scratch-resistant Glossy surface is easy to clean.

There are four available colors; Brown, Green, Ocean Blue and Flame Red. The sink dimensions are 16.5 (W)
x 16.5 (D) and the thickness of the Bowl is 0.5 inches.

PULUOMIS Frosted Tempered Glass Vessel Sink with a 12-inch similarly finished faucet is a great combo. You will also get two connection hoses, a mounting ring, hot & cold waterline and oil rubbed bronze Pop up Drain and a clear installation manual. All of these make your installation smooth. This Puluomis Bathroom Vanity Vessel Sink is also backed by PULUOMIS 1-year limited warranty.


  • Scratch free surface.
  • So easy to install and super easy to clean.
  • Friendly customer service
  • Beautiful holiday or birthday gift for FNF


  • No overflow drain

#3. ELECWISH Bathroom Vessel Sink with Faucet

Another Solid tempered glass construction bathroom sink on our list is the ELECWISH Bathroom Vessel Sink. Furthermore, its Anti-scratch glossy surface makes this sink absolutely gorgeous!
The sink comes with a modern and stylish design with low-lead material. This Vessel Sink is 100% Scratch-resistant and non-porous. Its polished interior surface ensures easy to clean and prevents discoloration and fading.

There are five available colors; Brown, Green, Blue, yellow and Glass. The sink dimensions are 16.5-inch (W) x 5.5-inch (D) and the thickness of the Glass is 0.6 inches/millimeter. This ELECWISH sink is good enough for everyday use like washing hands and brushing your teeth.

This solid and classy sink offers Easy Above-Counter Installation. It features a 1.75inch center Pop-up drain hole and 19.7″ water supply lines making the installation task simple.

This ELECWISH model is a beautiful combo of sink & faucet. Also, it’s a great upgrade to the bathroom. For the price ELECWISH Bathroom Vessel Sink is just awesome!
ELECWISH Tempered Glass sink with a 12-inch finished faucet, you will get all mounting hardware and hot/cold waterlines.


  • The price is very affordable.
  • So easy to install and super easy to clean
  • Anti-scratch glossy surface
  • Good customer service


  • The bottom part is high

#5. KES Bathroom Rectangular Porcelain Vessel Sink

Looking for the best bowl vanity sink,
The KES BVS110 Rectangular Bathroom Vessel Sink is one of the best bowl vanity on the market today. This 19-Inch White Ceramic sink is made from high-quality ceramic.

KES 19-Inch White Ceramic Bowl Vanity Sink is a sleek-looking and contemporary design that adds shine to your bathroom and makes it more appealing. The sink dimensions are 19″(L) x 14.8″(W) x 5.1″(H) and its package dimensions are 21.4 x 18.1 x 8.7 inches.

This Contemporary Style sink has a non-porous surface with a baked-on glaze and a high-gloss finish that ensures long-lasting shine and resistance to scratching and corrosion. The center drain system provides optimal drainage and makes sure that water will drain smoothly and efficiently.


  • Premium quality ceramic construction.
  • 30-day money-back guaranteed
  • Very economical to install.
  • Heavy-duty bathroom sink.


  • You will buy a faucet and drain separately.

#6. Nantucket Sinks Rectangle Ceramic Undermount Vanity

When remodeling your bathroom you will be overwhelmed by the popularity of vessel sinks, but there’s a lot to be said for a simple, under-counter vanity sink design. The Nantucket rectangle sink is perfect for a simplistic, traditional bathroom design for people who want value for money.

With a bowl depth of over 7 inches, this is the deepest bathroom sink on our list by far, making it perfect for those bathroom tasks that require a full sink. The basin also features an overflow drain for your peace of mind.

The basin design features sloping sides with a flat bottom, making it super easy to clean and maintain. The porcelain white color is bright and will give your bathroom the clean look you’re aiming for and will compliment any style of countertop.

Final verdict: The Nantucket Ceramic Undermount bathroom sink is perfect for a traditional, clean bathroom remodel where you want to use an under-counter sink. The large size and curved basin features offer functionality whilst retaining an interesting look.


  • Under-counter design that gives your bathroom a traditional look
  • Curved basin design which is functional and looks great
  • Brilliant white finish that will match with any counter top and faucet style
  • Inexpensive which is great if you require more than one
  • Porcelain enamel glaze which is very easy to keep clean


  • The inside curve of the basin may make the sink look small
  • The dimensions can vary by ¼ inch, which can make matching two basins difficult

#7. KINGO HOME Above Counter White Porcelain Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Sink

Looking for a smallish sink,
A White Porcelain Ceramic Sink always adds décor to your bathroom. Kingo Home Oval Bathroom Sink is one the best White Porcelain Sink that you will find on the market today. This oval-shaped bathroom sink provides an elegant look for any bathroom.

KINGO HOME Bathroom Vessel Sink is the easiest type to install in your bathroom. The sink dimensions are 16″ (L) x 13″ (W) x 5.5″ (H) and its package dimensions are 19 x 17 x 9 inches.

This vessel sink is constructed of porcelain with a non-porous and the finish ensures durability and makes it a 100% Scratch-free sink. The Center drain system provides the optimal draining capability.
This modern look white bathroom sink offers the Vessel installation method. Also, featuring a 1.75inch center Pop-up drain hole and center drain placement.

The fact,
The faucet and pop-up drain are NOT included with the sink package. So, need to be purchased separately. You need to require a wall or counter-mounted faucet.
With great customer service, KINGO HOME offers the best value for your money. So, get a modern look with Kingo Home White Bathroom Vessel Sink!


  • Affordable sink
  • Smooth and flawless finish
  • DIY installation
  • Good customer service


  • No overflow hole

#8. Kraus GV-580 Copper Illusion Glass Vessel Bathroom Sink

Copper is a beautiful metal finish for your bathroom fittings but it can be very expensive. However, the Kraus copper illusion bathroom sink allows you to have that amazing copper look without the high price, thanks to the design of the copper illusion glass used in its construction. This bathroom sink sits above your countertop so that you can appreciate the copper look at all times.

Not only is this handcrafted sink beautifully colored on the inside of the 5-1/2 inch deep basin, but an amazing amount of attention to detail has been placed on the design on the outside, too.

This means that the sink looks great from any angle when installed on your bathroom countertop.
One of the most common concerns with glass sinks is the ability to keep it clean. The Kraus bathroom sink is treated with a stain and scratch-resistant coating, which makes cleaning and maintenance easy. When combined with the pop-up drain, you’ll be spending far less time cleaning and more time enjoying your bathroom.

Final verdict: If you’re looking for the copper feel in your bathroom, but don’t want to pay the high price of fitting actual copper, then the Kraus copper illusion bathroom sink is perfect to compliment your bathroom style. Thick and durable, the glass is easier to maintain than real copper which means you spend less time cleaning.


  • Made with thick tempered glass for durability
  • Features a beautiful copper illusion design on the inside and outside of the basin
  • Stain-resistant, easy to polish the surface so cleaning is easy
  • Handcrafted and painted for that personal touch
  • Bowl design allows you to have extra room on the countertop


  • It can be difficult to position the faucet because of the bowl design
  • It may be brighter than expected

#9. Eclife Turquoise Square Bathroom Sink

Putting the finishing touches on your rustic-inspired home will mean nothing without the perfect bathroom sink. This Eclife square bathroom sink is truly something special, combining the stylish functionality of a vessel sink with a stunning turquoise finish to give your bathroom an interesting and unique finish.

What makes the Eclife turquoise bathroom sink truly unique is the attention to detail that has gone into producing the basin. Not only is it a bright, gorgeous design but it was painted by hand. This means that no two Eclife sinks are exactly the same, giving your bathroom a true one-of-a-kind feel.

Made from super-thick tempered glass, this sink sits on your bathroom countertop and comes with a beautiful zinc faucet to complete the look. The sink also features a pop-up plug that allows you to clean and maintain the sink with minimal fuss.

Final verdict: It’s hard to find anything to complain about with this sink. Not only is it beautiful and eye-catching, but it adds a certain something extra to your bathroom without the need to spend a fortune.


  • Stunning turquoise design that is truly one-of-a-kind
  • Tempered glass sink designed as a vessel sink
  • Comes with a brushed zinc faucet that looks great
  • Features a pop-up drain for easy cleaning
  • Faucet is rated at a water saving 1.5 gallons per minute


  • Will only match a specific kind of décor

What to consider before buying a Bathroom Sink?

There is certainly a lot to consider when it comes to buying Bathroom Sinks. With this in mind, we have created a guide to help you find the kitchen and bathroom products that will best suit your needs.

Many different factors should be taken into consideration when purchasing Bathroom Sinks. Here are some:

  • Style and design – the style of your Bathroom Sinks will determine the look of your bathroom. It is important that you choose a design that goes with your other furniture.
  • Functionality – functionality is another important factor that should be considered when buying Bathroom Sinks. It is important that your chosen Bathroom Sinks will be able to fulfill all of the functions required in a bathroom.
  • Brand – it is important to purchase Bathroom Sinks from brands that are reliable and trusted. A brand that has been in business for a long time will be able to provide you with a longer warranty. Also, it is important to have Bathroom Sinks from brands that have a good reputation for quality and durability. A brand that does not have a good reputation for quality and durability will provide you with inferior products that will not last long.
  • Price – it is important to consider the price when buying Bathroom Sinks. In general, you will find that Bathroom Sinks are priced between $100 and $300. However, when buying a high-quality, durable product you can expect to pay more. A good rule of thumb is to always buy the best quality Bathroom Sinks that you can afford.
  • Size – the size of the Bathroom Sinks will naturally affect its price. However, having a large and expensive Bathroom Sink that is too big for your bathroom will not be worth it.
  • Availability of accessories: when buying Bathroom Sinks, you should also consider the accessories that you will need to install it. If you can buy a set of accessories or accessories for your Bathroom Sink that will greatly reduce the cost of installation.
  • Faucet: you also need to consider the type of faucet that you will be buying. There are several different types of faucets for Bathroom Sinks; some are more durable, and others are less expensive. You should also consider the cost of replacement faucets, as well as their warranty.
  • Material: there are several different materials that are used to manufacture Bathroom Sinks. The most common material used is plastic, but there are some that are made from stainless steel, and others are made from ceramic. You should also consider the cost of the material that you will be using for your Bathroom Sink.

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What is the best material for a bathroom sink?

There is no one answer to this question, as different people have different preferences for bathroom sinks. However, some of the most durable materials that can use for bathroom sinks include:

  • Ceramic: Ceramic is a durable material frequently regarded as the most durable bathroom sink material. It is also easy to clean and does not rust.
  • Porcelain: Another popular material used for bathroom sinks is porcelain. It is also easy to clean and has a glossy finish.
  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel is a durable material that can use for many years without issue. It also has a sleek look and can be easily customized.
  • Granite: Granite is a long-lasting material popular for its luxurious appearance and feel. It is also resistant to scratches, stains, and water damage.
  • Cast iron: Cast iron is another popular material for bathroom sinks because of its rust-resistant properties. It also has a high level of durability and can last for many years without needing any repairs or maintenance.

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Is porcelain or ceramic sink better?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on various factors, including the type of sink you are looking for and your personal preferences.

Porcelain sinks are typically considered more aesthetically pleasing than ceramic sinks, but they may not last as long. Ceramic sinks are more affordable and easier to keep clean, but they may not be as durable.

Some people may prefer porcelain because of its appearance and durability, while others may prefer ceramic because it is more eco-friendly.

Ultimately, it is important to choose a sink that fits your needs and style.

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Best Bathroom Sink Brands

When shopping for a new bathroom sink, you should know that the manufacturer and brand of the sink can say a lot about the quality that you can expect. Some manufacturers have been in the business for a long time, so you know that their products have been made from quality materials, however, it can be hard to sift through all the information on your new purchase. We discuss some of the most popular brands below.

Kohler Bathroom Sinks

Kohler has been around forever, so it comes as no surprise that some of the best bathroom and plumbing fixtures come from the company. Kohler strives to meet the strenuous demands of builders and home renovators, so their bathroom sinks are made with durability and versatility in mind. A Kohler sink will last the test of time and look great in your bathroom.

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Ikea Bathroom Sinks

You’d have to be living under a rock to not know who Ikea is. The Swedish name in home furnishings has a focus on designing bathroom sinks for any style of the room, so you can expect a lot of different styles from them.

Ikea trough sinks allow you to make more space for yourself as you perform your bathroom tasks. The tough sink gives you the ability to allow for multiple sink users at once and comes with space to fit the faucets, giving you an all-in-one solution.

The Odensvik sink from Ikea is one of the most versatile of sinks, giving you ample room within the basin but also along the sides, where there is a ceramic ridge perfect for placing soap. This ceramic sink is super easy to clean and has clean lines for a simplistic look.

ELKAY Quartz Sinks

The beauty of quartz is that it is available in many colors and can be used to shape practically any style of sink. The quartz sinks offered by ELKAY are strong and beautiful and are considered one of the classic sink types for modern bathrooms. Not only are they tough, but they are very smooth to the touch.

Vitreous China vs. Ceramic vs. Porcelain

The construction material of your bathroom sink will dictate how hard your new sink is against the heavy use that comes with everyday life. Porcelain is the toughest of all the materials and can withstand and hold heat very well. Ceramic is less expensive and is made by heating clay in a kiln, however, it can contain impurities that can lead to cracking and breakages. Vitreous china is a coating made from enamel that is applied to bathroom fittings after they are made which can make the ceramic or porcelain even harder.

Comparison: Best Bathroom Sink

In this article, I compared 9 of the best bathroom sink on the market. After reviewing each one, I found that the VCCUCINE Rectangle Above Counter Porcelain Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Vanity Sink was the clear winner. It is powerful and efficient and is one of the most affordable options on the market.

If you are looking for the best budget bathroom sink, KES Bathroom Porcelain Ceramic Vessel Sink is the best choice. It is affordable, easy to care for, and will last for years. It is also made from durable materials and can resist scratches and dents.

When it is a brand question, then Kraus Copper Illusion Glass Bathroom Sink easily takes the cake. It is well worth it. It is made from high-quality materials and is designed to last. This sink is made from natural materials and features a unique stoneware top. It is also very affordable, making it a great choice for the budget.

How Did We Assess and Evaluate These Bathroom Sinks?

In order to present you with the list of the best bathroom sinks for 2023, we took our research to the people that use them the most: homeowners and families that have a need for functional and versatile utilities in their homes. You all told us what you are looking for most in a bathroom sink so we collected your comments and requirements and used them to create a shortlist of the most innovative bathroom sinks on the market.

We evaluated our shortlist and made a ranking system based on various factors. We looked for the tap configuration, the basin size, materials, storage options, and maintenance options to find the best bathroom sinks for a working family. We spent many hours assessing the utility of these bathroom sinks so that you can make a fully informed choice from our list.

Thanks to the rigorous research we have performed, you can be sure that we are presenting you with the best 9 bathroom sinks of 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are bathroom sinks made of?

Ans: Ceramic, porcelain and tempered glass are the materials that bathroom sinks are most commonly made from. However, you will also find sinks made from acrylic, metals, quartz and stone.

Q2. Bathroom sink smells / Kitchen sink smells like sewage

Ans: This is caused by sewer smells leaking up through your drain. To avoid this, make sure you have a proper P-trap installed under your sink, as it stays filled with water in order to provide a seal against these smells.

Q3. How to clean ceramic sink?

Ans: Using harsh chemicals on ceramic can destroy your sink. Instead, use a soft sponge with baking soda and lemon juice in order to remove stains and discoloration.

Q4. How to clean a stained sink

Ans: If you can’t use bleach, lemon juice or vinegar make great natural agents for removing stains in your sink.

Q5. How to remove stains from porcelain sink

Ans: Coat your sink with bleach and paper towels overnight in order to break down stains. In the morning, make sure you rinse it well.

Q6. How to reconnect sink stopper

Ans: Insert the stopper into the drain. Slide the clevis over the pivot rid then push the rod into the drain. Replace the nut you removed enough to hold it in place.

Q7. How to fix a leaky bathroom sink?

Ans: The cause for a leaky sink is usually because of the washer. Remove the faucet handle, then remove and replace the seat washer. Be sure to coat the washer in non-toxic plumber’s grease before replacing it.

Q8. How to install a bathroom sink drain pipe?

Ans: Hand-tighten an adapter onto the drain stub, install slip nuts onto the drain arm and then tighten the connection. Fit the P-trap by tightening the nuts. Connect the water supply tubes, ensuring that you route them to the shut-off valves. Turn on the water and be sure to check for leaks.

Q9. How to paint a porcelain sink?

Ans: Be sure to clean the sink before painting, and sand with medium-grit sandpaper in the areas that are to be painted. Apply the new porcelain in thin, even coats. Be sure to apply a second and third coating. You may have to leave your sink for a couple of days before using it.

Q10. Gurgling sink when toilet flushed

Ans: The pipes that your bathroom uses service both your bathroom sink and toilet. If your sink gargles when you flush the toilet, this is because of air moving through the pipes. There may be a blockage in the main vent stack that requires maintenance. Remove any leaves or debris from the vent to remedy this problem.

Q11. What size is rectangle bathroom sinks?

Ans: The typical size for a public bathroom sink is a round basin 16 to 20 inches in diameter, while a rectangular dish is 19 to 24 inches wide and between 16 and 23 inches long front to back.


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