The Best Water Dispenser Reviews with the Ultimate Buying Guide

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Updated: June, 2022

A water dispenser is an appliance that cools or heats water and dispenses it into a bottle or a glass. It is considered a requirement in a kitchen or in an office because of its universal need. Today, you are going to learn everything you need to know before you buy a water dispenser. In fact, we have here a rundown of the 10 best picks for the best water dispenser and we are going to help you find the right one for you. To add, some of the frequently asked questions about water dispensers will be answered by this article.

Best Water Dispenser Comparison

Hamilton Beach Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

  • Dimensions: 14 x 13 x 42 inches
  • Weight: 45.3 pounds
  • Color: white

Whirlpool Self Cleaning, Bottom Loading Commercial

  • Dimensions: 15 x 12.6 x 40.5 inches
  • Weight: 40.3 pounds
  • Color: Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Bottleless Water Cooler/Dispenser

  • Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 38 inches
  • Weight: 30 pounds
  • Color: Stainless Steel

Top 10 Best Water Dispenser Reviews

#1. Whirlpool 8LIECH-SC-SSF-P5W Bottom Load Water Cooler

The Whirlpool water dispenser is a great product if you also want a filtration and a self-cleaning technology installed in your water dispenser.


It has a LED indicator that shows self-cleaning, hot, and cold water status. Getting hot and cold water is also convenient, as this water dispenser is very easy to refill.


Aside from the annoying noises this water dispenser make, the plastic taste may linger and results in the water being rendered undrinkable.

#2. Hamilton Beach Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

If you prefer a water dispenser with a bottom loading design, the Hamilton Beach Bottom Loading Water Dispenser might be perfect for you.


As this water dispenser is bottom loading you will not find it difficult to replace the water bottle. It is also very safe to use even by children and it gives you three options for water temperature.


Reviews revealed that this water dispenser started leaking only after a few months of use. It also makes a weird and annoying noise.

#3. Whirlpool Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Commercial Water Cooler

This water dispenser has the qualities of the first Whirlpool model, except this one has a bottom loading feature.


It has the same features as the previous Whirlpool product but this one is easier to refill, thanks to the bottom loading technology. It is equipped with an LED indicator, has a self-cleaning feature, and is durable.


Unfortunately, it also makes noise just like the Whirlpool 8LIECH-SC-SSF-P5W.

#4. Magic Mountain’s POU Bottleless Water Dispenser

The Magic Mountain water dispenser is worth the money you pay for it, with its solid features such as the adjustable thermostat, its durable stainless steel construction, and its compatibility with filtration systems.


Aside from the top-notch features this water dispenser offers, the brand also offers a 10-year prorated warranty.


The installation and filtration kit are not included in the package.

#5. Brio Bottleless Countertop Water Dispenser

If you want a stylish and durable water dispenser to use at home or at the office, you might want to check this one out. The thermostat can easily be adjusted; therefore, providing you hot or cold water within seconds.


Its durable construction can resist rust and corrosion. It features a child-proof hot faucet and is very easy to assemble and use.


The Brio and Magic Mountain water dispenser is a bit expensive due to its high-quality construction and build.

#6. Whirlpool Commercial Water Cooler, Ice Chilled Water

The Whirlpool Commercial Water Cooler is strong, with its robust design that can accommodate up to 300 pounds of top weight. It also can provide its users chillingly cold water than most brands.


It is a durable and strong water dispenser that can take on at least 300 pounds of water weight.


Reviews revealed that this water dispenser did not last long for some users. It also makes a loud noise when being used.

#7. Clover D1 Hot and Cold Countertop Bottleless Water Dispenser

If you want an economical and easy to use water dispenser, the Clover D1 Hot and Cold Countertop Bottleless Water Dispenser might work great for you.


It has a rugged and durable design, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of having hot and cold water for a long period of time.


The hose found at the back portion may be too short for some users, forcing them to place the filter in an odd position.

#8. Primo Bottom Load Self Cleaning Water Dispenser

The Primo Bottom Load Water Dispenser is a beautiful addition to your kitchen, with its stainless steel and black accents.


No heavy lifting or flipping of heavy bottles is required, as this water dispenser comes with a concealed bottle that is sitting at the base of the unit. It also has been proven to be a great option for the elderly.


Reviews revealed that this water dispenser did not last long for some.

#9. Avalon Top Loading Water Cooler Dispenser – Hot & Cold Water

The Avalon water dispenser comes with a great design while allowing you to enjoy cool refreshments or hot beverages with its crisp cold and piping hot output.


It has child safety, as well as time-saving features. It is top-loading, which allows you to see if the dispenser is running out of water.


The top-loading feature may also be an inconvenience for people who do not want to lift heavy water bottles.

#10. DRINKPOD USA Countertop Bottleless Cooler 1000

If you are a fan of innovation and technology, you might want to check out the DRINKPOD USA Countertop Bottleless Cooler Pro.


An installation kit is already included so you would not have a difficult time assembling this water dispenser. With its sleek design, it is one of the most advanced water dispensers out in the market right now.


According to reviews, the water may taste a little weird due to the built-in filtration system.

Best Water Dispenser For Home
VS Best Water Dispenser For Office

For home use, you might want to consider buying the Clover D1 Hot and Cold Countertop Bottleless Water Dispenser. It is economical, very easy to use, and durable. You will be able to save money on water bottle consumption because the water can come directly from existing plumbing.

For office use, you should take the Primo Bottom Load Water Dispenser into consideration. This water dispenser provides hot and cold water instantly. This feature can be beneficial in offices, wherein employees do not usually have a lot of time to wait for the water to heat or cool.

Water Cooler VS Water Dispenser

One of the best water coolers in the reviews provided in the earlier section is the Brio and Magic Mountain Bottleless Water Cooler. With its durable construction and adjustable thermostat, you may enjoy hot and cold water anytime you want it.

For the best water dispenser, you might want to consider buying the Hamilton Beach Bottom Loading Water Dispenser. It is packed with awesome features such as the provision of hot, cold, and ambient temperature water, a removable drip tray, and a child safety lock. It also comes with a flashing indicator, which tells you that you need to replace the bottle.

Water Dispenser VS Bottled Water

If you are after innovation and the most advanced technology when it comes to water dispensers, the DRINKPOD USA Water Dispenser might be perfect for you. It is equipped with touch controls, allowing the fast and time-saving use of the water dispenser.

For bottled water, you might want to consider the Whirlpool Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Commercial Water Cooler. It comes with self-cleaning technology, ensuring that you are only drinking clean and safe water. It is also very easy to refill, as you would not be burdened by the inconvenience of lifting heavy water bottles.

Expert Tip

The form factor of a water dispenser can be a point to consider while purchasing if you live in a small apartment. Compact designs in the market can be bought, without sacrificing on most features, albeit they tend to have a higher price.

– Staff | KitBibb

Water Dispenser VS Filter

If you prefer having a separate filtration system, the Magic Mountain’s POU Water Pyramid Series might be the right water dispenser for you. It has durable stainless steel construction and it has been proven to work well with filtration systems.

However, you might prefer a water dispenser that already comes with a filtration system. This is where you might consider buying the Brio and Magic Mountain Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser. It already comes with an EZ turn filtration system, a sink faucet, and fill pots.

Types Of Water Dispenser

Bottom loading water dispenser- This type of water dispenser has a water bottle that sits at the bottom of a cabinet or the lower portion of the unit.

Top loading water dispenser- This type of water dispenser is less costly than most water coolers. You just have to purchase a water bottle, load it at the top portion, and plug it in.

Bottled water dispenser- This type of water dispenser uses a water bottle as the source.

Bottleless water cooler- This type of water cooler does not have a water bottle but instead uses existing plumbing as a source of water.

Tabletop water cooler- This type of water cooler is ideal for people who like to save space.

1-gallon water cooler- This type of water cooler has the capacity to hold a gallon of water in its reservoir.

5-gallon water cooler- This type of water cooler, ideal for office use, has the capability to hold at least 5 gallons of water in its reservoir.

Stainless steel water cooler- This type of water cooler is made from stainless steel, providing its users longer years of services, as well as a rugged and durable design.

Water Dispenser/Cooler Buying Guide

In this section, we are going to discuss the several factors that you need to consider when buying a water dispenser. These are important, as they will help you narrow down your choices into choosing the best water dispenser available right now.

Plan of use

You should consider the water capacity, as well as the purification system when buying a water dispenser.


There are a lot of options that you might want to consider if you have a small space to place the water dispenser in. if space is not an issue, you can also choose from the larger water dispenser

Hot and cold features

You should buy a water dispenser that can provide you hot and cold water, perfect for making refreshments, as well as hot beverages.

Filtration systems

Some models already come with a filtration system while others do not. If you do not have a separate unit for filtration, find a model that is compatible with the water dispenser.

Drip tray

While this factor is often overlooked at, it is also one of the most important when choosing a water dispenser. The drip tray, which should be removable, helps a lot during clean-up and prevents unnecessary spills and mess.

Loading options

If you do not mind doing some heavy lifting, you may opt to choose the top loading water dispenser. However, if you prefer convenience and ease of refilling, you might want to consider a bottom-loading water dispenser.

Hot water safety latch

You will be able to find this feature on some of the models presented above, and it is for a good reason. It helps prevent accidental dispensing of hot water by children while making it easy and simple for adults.


As you may already know, water dispensers come at different prices. For some, this factor may be the last thing they think of when buying a water dispenser. However, determining the true value of the product is done by comparing the product’s best features with its price. That way, you will be able to determine which product you can benefit from the most, with the money you pay for it.

Expert Tip

Water dispensers come in both fully stainless steel and partial stainless steel bodies. If you live near the coast, you are better with a fully stainless steel body as it will not succumb to rusting. If you live in a dry area, you can get a partial stainless steel body dispenser.

– Staff | KitBibb

Best Cheap Water Cooler Reviews

If you are not comfortable with spending a lot of money on a water cooler, you do not need to worry. You can still get some great quality products within a limited budget. Below, you will find our short list of the best water coolers under $120.

Best Cheap Water Cooler in Ebay

Primo Top Loading Hot / Cold Water Dispenser

The Primo Top Loading water cooler is a highly rated product, which will allow you to get, both, hot and cold water at a push of a button. The water cooling, heating and dispensing mechanism is fast and reliable. The body of the cooler is while and stylish, enabling it to match with your interior furnishing.


It is top loading and has a high flow mechanism. It provides, both, hot and cold water. The child lock feature prevents dispense of boiling water by children. There is a dish-washable spill tray.


The top-loading feature can be uncomfortable for people who have a problem lifting heavyweight.

Best Cheap Water Cooler in Amazon

Giantex Top Loading Water Cooler

The Giantex cooler is a simple and practical machine. It can heat or cool water fairly quickly. There is a safety latch to prevent kids from dispensing hot water. The anti-mite barrel holder prevents dust and mite from collecting and ensures hygienic conditions.


It is an energy-efficient water dispenser. It releases both hot and cold water. The body is very durable and comes with a storage cabinet for cups.


The initial setup has been reported to be difficult.

Best Water Cooling Brand Reviews

Primo Water Dispenser Reviews

Primo is an American brand, initiated in 2004. Since its inception, it has grown to become one of the trusted water dispenser manufacturers in the country. The company’s aim is to ensure that its customers drink healthy water, free of any chemicals or contaminants. It has a range of products on its online store, including water dispensers, gallon pouches, screw top caps, water pumps, etc.

Best Primo Bottom Load Water Dispenser Reviews

Primo Self-Clean Bottom Load Bottled Water Dispenser

This Primo water dispenser is one the company’s highly rated product. It produces cold and hot water, on the push of a button. There is a cabinet which allows for storage of bottles and cups. The dispenser is made from stainless steel components and has a stylish black outlook. It can be used with 3-5 gallon bottles.


The dispenser has a bottom insertion design, making it convenient to add and replace bottles. The child safety latch on the hot water button prevents accidental dispense. Three LED lights show the status of the dispenser and can be switched off for night. The compressor is updated and is more efficient in performance.


No room temperature water dispensing button.

Best Primo Top Load Water Dispenser Reviews

Primo Top-Load Water Dispenser, Stainless Steel/Black

The leading Primo dispenser in its top load category, this product provides you with hygienic cold and hot water. It dispenses the water using a high-flow mechanism to fill your cup quickly. There are push buttons to control the flow of water and a child safety latch to prevent any kid from releasing hot water. The dispenser comes in a black color scheme and complements most interiors of a house or office.


The water dispenser works with 3 and 5 gallon bottles. It is Energy Star certified. It dispenses water twice as fast as an average dispenser. It comes with a dishwasher safe drip tray. The body can easily be cleaned with a wet cloth.


It uses top loading mechanism which is inconvenient for people not used to lifting heavy weight.

Expert Tip

The water dispenser you are getting should be energy efficient. If the water dispenser is taking a long time to cool, it should have a certified compressor to ensure that it does not cause a spike in your electricity consumption.

– Staff | KitBibb

Clover Water Dispenser Reviews

Established in 1988, Clover is a manufacturer of water coolers based in South Korea. With 29 years of experience in the industry, the company exports its products to more than 40 countries and has a good reputation in terms of quality products and services. Clover prides itself with its bottled water coolers, point of use water coolers, and chillers.

Best Clover Water Dispenser

Clover B7A Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

The Clover B7A water dispenser will be able to provide you cold water for refreshments, as well as hot water for soup, hot beverages, and oatmeal. It is also reassuring in terms of quality because of its UV-protected and high-density polyethylene construction. It also features a double float valve that prevents water spills.


This hot and cold water dispenser is durable and features an anti-spiltechnology. It also has a removable drip tray for easier clean up.


This water dispenser does not come with a built-in filtration system.

Whirlpool Water Dispenser Reviews

Whirlpool is an American manufacturer of home appliances founded in 1911 in Michigan, United States. The company’s products range from refrigeration, cooking, dishwashers, and laundry. In fact, they also manufacture of the best water dispensers out in the market right now.

Best Whirlpool Water Dispenser

Whirlpool Self Cleaning, Bottom Loading Commercial Water Cooler

The Whirlpool water dispenser is a stylish addition to your kitchen or office pantry because of its stainless-steel construction. It features a self-cleaning technology that breaks down viruses and bacteria in the water.


This hot and cold water dispenser features a self-cleaning technology that ensures that you and your family are only drinking clean water. It is also very durable with its stainless-steel construction.


According to reviews, this water dispenser will no longer be able to cool water after some time.

NewAir Water Dispenser Reviews

Founded in 2002, NewAir is a well-known premier manufacturer of custom built and luxury home appliances. The company’s products range from wine coolers, water dispensers, ice makers, air conditioning systems, heaters, and laundry appliances.

Best NewAir Water Dispenser

NewAir WCD-200W Water Dispenser

The NewAir water dispenser will help you and your family to stay hydrated, as it is compatible with 2, 3, and 5 gallon bottles of water. In addition, it can heat water from 176 to 203 degrees Fahrenheit and it can cool water from 43 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.


This water dispenser suits any household and office setting. It is also very quiet when used and it can provide you water without the plastic taste.


Getting water from this dispenser might require you to bend over, as the controls are situated at the lower portion.

Expert Tip

You should check that the water dispenser does not produce a loud sound while cooling. It should also not release any environment harming CFC gases. Check in the product manual or call and ask the company representative in this regard.

– Staff | KitBibb

Glacier Bay Bottom Load Water Dispenser Reviews

Glacier Bay manufactures one of the best water dispensers that are available in the market right now. The company boasts its bottom loading dispenser, which has been proven to be a lot more convenient to use than most water dispensers.

Best Glacier Bay Water Dispenser

Glacier Bay Bottom Load Water Dispenser

This Glacier Bay water dispenser makes changing your empty water bottle a lot easier. With its bottom loading feature, you can eliminate heavy lifting, as well as cleaning accidental spills.


This durable and stylish water dispenser will compliment any room you put it in. To add, you will be using 70% less energy with its patented kettle features.


The bottom door must always be closed to ensure that the water dispenser will work properly.


In this section, we will be answering some of the frequently asked questions, in which you will learn more about water dispensers. Read on if you want to know how it works, how it can be refilled without spilling, as well as the proper ways of cleaning water bottles.

Q1. How does a water dispenser work?

Ans: You will find inside the water dispenser a valve that prevents water from flooding the dispenser. The water is then fed into a reservoir where it is cooled or heated. Once the water has been cooled or heated, you will now be able to dispense it via the separate faucets for hot and cold water.

Q2. How do you clean a water dispenser with vinegar?

Ans: Unplug the dispenser then remove the lid and the baffle from the reservoir. Use a combination of 1 cup vinegar and 3 cups of hot water to clean the entire inner surface of the reservoir. To get rid of the vinegar taste and smell, rinse the reservoir thoroughly before reinstalling the water dispenser.

Q3. How do you use a water dispenser?

Ans: Lift the water bottle, turn it upside down and place the bottle on the top of the water dispenser. Press hot or cold water according to your preferences.

Q4. How do you clean a 5-gallon water jug?

Ans: Rinse the inner part of the 5-gallon water bottle with water to remove the residue inside it. You may use a mild detergent to soak water in. After that, you must rinse the 5-gallon water bottle thoroughly to get rid of the soap’s taste and smell.

Q5. How do you clean a 5-gallon water jug?How do you refill a water cooler bottle?

Ans: Remove the seal from the cap and cut a hole about half of a diameter. Replace the foam and attach the lid. Turn the bottle upside down onto the dispenser and force the seal out to release the water. Make sure the water bottle is positioned neatly and properly onto the dispenser.

Q6. How do you change a water cooler bottle without spilling?

Ans: This process will require some heavy lifting and you should be careful when doing it. You must bend down in a comfortable position to place the water bottle onto your lap. Slowly stand up and grasp the neck of the water bottle with your dominant hand and the other to support the bottom portion. Quickly place the inverted water bottle onto the dispenser. By far, this is the most effective way to refill a water cooler bottle without spills.

Expert Tip

Whichever company you are opting for, you must make sure that it provides a warranty and has close by service centers. This will save you the headache of finding repairmen if there is any issue with the product.

– Staff | KitBibb


This concludes our extensive review of the best water dispensers in the market at the moment. As you can realize after going through all the products, there are various kinds of water dispensers available for purchasing. You can create a shortlist depending on your requirements and the amount of money you are willing to spend. Rest assured, all the products mentioned in our review are of high quality and have proved popular among their buyers.

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