How to Prevent Calcium Buildup on Faucets

Updated: December 2020 Calcium, also known as limescale, is an important mineral. It is essential for nutrition. And it’s important in industry — traded around the world. But it has a downside around your house. That ugly buildup on kitchen or bathroom faucets that looks white and chalky is a sign of an accumulation of … Read more

How To Clean Kitchen Cabinets Step by Step

Updated: October 2020 As with most rooms in a house, the kitchen might require some extra attention to ensure that it stays clean and welcoming to guests. Surely after the countless meals, gatherings, and cooking experiments, your counters, appliances, and even your cabinets likely boast some sticky reminders. Regular use is bound to create some … Read more

How To Remove Hard Water Stains From Porcelain Sink

How To Remove Hard Water Stains From Porcelain Sink

Updated: June 2020 Porcelain sinks with their glossy finish and smooth surface add a gorgeous look to the kitchen. Let me throw you a question that why porcelain material is used in sinks? It is a non-porous material and easy to clean, these are the two important reasons to use porcelain material in sinks. Porcelain … Read more

How To Clean Area Rugs in 2021

How to Clean Area Rugs

Updated: June 2020 Having a clean area rugs in your home adds to its beauty. People use the area rugs to cover the surface of a finished floor and to anchor furniture to the floor. Aside from these useful functions, area rugs add to the beauty of a house because they can provide texture and … Read more

How To Keep Your Stainless Steel Sink Shiny Always

November 10, 2020 Stainless steel sinks are very easy to use. However, the sink is the most used kitchen accessory. This can make it become incredibly dirty after tasks like cleaning cutlery and dishes. You have to understand the best way to keep your stainless steel sink looking shiny as new. Maintaining the new shine … Read more

Interior Design Trends to Avoid This Year

August 08, 2021 There are some trends which should never have come into fashion yet somehow they end up adorning walls and floors around the country. Fortunately, no trend lasts forever – which is just as well in some cases! For this post we asked the team behind the lifestyle goods site Such & Such … Read more

Improving Lighting and Ventilation in Kitchens

Improving Lighting and Ventilation in Kitchens

June 27, 2021 A good kitchen design considers both decoration and performance aspects. Homeowners often focus on the appearance of elements like furniture and cabinets. However, a kitchen should also provide suitable lighting for food preparation, while conserving air quality. Adequate lighting and ventilation make kitchens safer and healthier. Lighting in particular can also be … Read more

How To Perfectly Clean Vanity Basin And Countertops

Cultivated Marble

How To Perfectly Clean Vanity Basin And Countertops June 27, 2019 Bathroom basins and countertops are one place, which is always covered with all kinds of things from shoe polish to face wash. In most cases, the vanity basins and countertops are made with materials, which can even withstand an assault. Usually, the materials vary … Read more