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Updated: June, 2022

Over 6 decades Delta Faucet Company working in this industry. Read this reviews help you to understand why Delta is more than just a faucet.

Delta Faucet Company makes both commercial and residential faucets as well as other products for kitchens and bathrooms. These products are made to improve everyday experiences with water. Also, making them better, faster, and more convenient. Today we gonna focus on delta faucet reviews.

Earlier History of Delta Faucet Company

Delta owned by a parent company called the Masco Corporation which was initially founded in 1929 by Alex Manoogian.

In 1952, Manoogian began to redesign the faucet, creating a single-lever washer-less faucet and the first single-handle faucet that used both hot and cold water. It is now known as Delta. The company also known for being the first to utilize TV advertising for advancing sells and were hugely successful.

Delta’s business exclusive to bringing water into everyone’s lives. This company was the first to introduce both touch and hands-free technology with faucets, making easier and more convenient to use their residential kitchen and bath products.

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In a Brief
Company NameDelta Faucet Company.
FounderAlex Manoogian
HeadquartersTaylor, Michigan.
Parent OrganisationMasco Corporation

Recognition of Delta Faucet

The Delta brand has been a recipient of many industry awards throughout the years. Such as the WaterSense Sustained Excellence Award, awarded due to their commitment to water conservation. This award was presented by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The Golden Trumpet Award, which the Midwest’s most prestigious marketing awards program, was presented to Delta for their 2015 HappiMess campaign. In addition, the Chicago Skyline Award which demonstrates excellence in public relations was given to Delta also in recognition of their touch technology 2015 HappiNess campaign. These are just a scant few of the numerous awards Delta has won.


Recognition of Delta Faucet

Nowadays Delta is a leader in their market. It is a name that can be trusted. They have a long-standing record of well-made products that they stand behind. You can’t go wrong choosing an award-winning company to do deal with.


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