Does A Home Warranty Cover Plumbing Leaks?

Updated: June 2020

Plumbing problems not only create a lot of tension and inconvenience for homeowners but also incur a lot of expenditures. Like any other home system, the plumbing system is very important, and when issues arise, you need a professional to get rid of the problems. If you are wondering whether a home warranty covers plumbing leaks, it does. With a home warranty plan, get all the plumbing leaks fixed by a professional at minimal cost. Read more to find out about home warranty plumbing coverage.

Does A Home Warranty Cover Plumbing Leaks

About Home Warranty For Plumbing Coverage

Most home warranty companies specify plumbing issues in the systems plan. They would also have a combo plan where appliances and home systems together, including the plumbing system, would be included.

What’s Covered In The Home Warranty Plumbing Plan?

Home warranty companies cover a range of parts and components of the plumbing system. Most of the companies, more or less, include the following in their home warranty coverage plan:

  1. Shower heads
  2. Faucets
  3. Valves for shower
  4. Basket strainers
  5. Angle stops
  6. Shower arms
  7. Diverter
  8. Pump
  9. Air switch assemblies
  10. Risers and gate valves
  11. Built-in bathtub whirlpool motor
  12. Hose bibs
  13. Plumbing sewage ejector pump
  14. Clogged drains or pipes
  15. Stoppages

How a Home Warranty Saves A Lot Of Plumbing Repair Costs?

The plumbing system is quite extensive, and repairs or component replacements due to natural wear and tear can cost you a lot of money. The expenditure depends on the level of the damage and the number of plumbers that are hired. The expenses incurred by homeowners could range from $299 to $431, and this is just to hire a professional plumber. Then the repair charges would further add up depending on how extensive the damage is.

On the other hand, if you get a home warranty plan, you would have to spend a lot less on the repairs and component replacements of plumbing leaks and associated problems. Besides this, home warranty companies offer other benefits as well, such as referral rewards, discounts, free coverage for a specific number of months, etc.

Home Warranty Coverage Costs

The average cost for a home warranty coverage is around $350 to $600, but it would cover almost $20,000 worth of home systems and appliances. Companies may cover plumbing repairs up to an average amount of $750.

Home warranty companies allow homeowners to pay either annual or monthly premiums. Apart from the premium, homeowners should pay a deductible to technicians for every claim request.

How To Take Care Of Your Plumbing System?

Undertaking regular maintenance of your plumbing system will ensure a longer life-span and fewer breakdowns. So, follow these tips to ensure that your plumbing system works smoothly.

  1. If there are minor clogs, then clear the drains by pouring half a cup of salt and/or boiling water into it.
  2.  Avoid chemical-based decloggers if your drain pipes are made of cast-iron.
  3. Be aware of the location of your home’s water shut-off as you may want to use it whenever there is a leak.
  4. Be wary of what passes down into the drain. You can install screens over drains to prevent the entry of stuff that clogs the drain.


A home warranty covers plumbing leaks, saving you expensive expenditures and stress. There are many home warranty companies that provide excellent coverage plans that suit your plumbing coverage requirements, along with other appliance coverage needs. You can go through Home Warranty Reviews and search home warranty plans offered by some of the most popular home warranty companies.

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