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How To Clean Kitchen Faucet – Make Your Faucets Durability Double!

Updated January 2020 By Danyal


How To Clean Kitchen Faucet Make Your Faucets Durability Double!According to DailyMail.co.uk, Women spend six hours and 52 minutes in the kitchen every day on average.

How amazing!! It is 18 years of her life. Also one-fourth of the day!
She needs to play with kitchen tools most of the time. So it necessary to clean everything properly. Otherwise, it may decrease kitchen value and make it unhealthy. Also, effects on tools durability.

Now, I am going discuss a very relevant kitchen topic. It is about cleaning kitchen faucet. Here I listed some easy ideas to clean kitchen faucet. Hope, you will enjoy it.


how to clean kitchen faucet

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What You Need:

1. Water
2. Vinegar
3. Dish soap
4. Cleaning Cloths
5. An old toothbrush
6. Non-abrasive cleaner



  • Many faucet companies offer a lifetime warranty. It is right for you to know what is recommended to clean the kitchen faucet by the company.
  • Use non-abrasive brushes or materials is always a good idea to clean a faucet.
  • Another option to clean your faucet is a mild glass or surface cleaner.


Here are some idea to clean a kitchen faucet. You will get an idea to clean your kitchen faucet and increase its lifetime. Here are some ideas we listed below:


What is faucet’s finish type?

It is common sense to check instructions of the manufacturer’s for your faucet’s finish. Chrome is one of the standard types of the faucet; other types may need some special care instructions.


Apply some basic steps of cleaning:

To clean the kitchen faucet first, you can try some basic way of cleaning. You can use mild dish soap and water as primary cleaning needs. To drying the faucet, you can use dry cleaning cloth. This way you can keep the faucet finish spot free.


Clean kitchen faucet with vinegar:

Where water or dish soap wasn’t enough to clean, the next possible step is to use white vinegar. To remove fingerprints and water spots you can apply a mixture of half water and half vinegar with a cleaning cloth.


Careful to clean the edges:

You can use an old toothbrush as a great tool to clean around the edges. It is super tools to clean where the faucet and the sink meet.


How about drain portion?

Drain portion; which needs the most cleaning. Use a non-abrasive cleaner to the drain portion of a faucet. Drain portion a hidden area of the faucet. It is a great idea to clean this part.



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