How To Fix A Leaky Kitchen Faucet Single Handle in Seven Simple Steps (Ball and Ceramic Disc Faucets)

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My friend named Kristian, have lived in Texas since 2012. It was around two years ago; he bought a single handle kitchen faucet for his kitchen. But unfortunately, from last month he noticed water was dripping out of the faucet spout.

He called a plumber for fixing. The plumber told it was leaked. But he was surprised when plumber gave him quotation for fixing the leaky faucet. It was around $178 to $ 190, which is really high for him. Also, he knew he can easily buy a new faucet under $200 from the market.

How To Fix A Leaky Kitchen Faucet Single Handle seven simple steps


We will show here how to fix two types of single handle kitchen faucets – ball, and ceramic disc.


Necessary Tools:

  • A Towel.
  • One hex key.
  • One adjustable or pipe wrench.
  • New washers, springs for ball faucet or new cylinder for ceramic disc faucet.
  • A slight head screwdriver.


Faucet Type:


Step-1: First, need to turn off water valves under the sink.


turn off water valves gif


Then, close the drain and place a towel in the sink to help protect it.


close the drain and place a towel in the sink to help protect it.



Step-2: To remove set screw, you need to use a hex key.


remove set screw using hex key


Step-3: Gently lift up the lever.


gently lift up the lever or handle



Step-4: For Ball Faucet take off the cap using a adjustable or pipe-wrench.


take off the cap using adjustable or pipe wrench



For Ceramic Disc Faucet remove the handle and trim ring unscrew the retainer nut.


ceramic disc kitchen faucet repair



Step-5: In the ball faucets, You will see there are the cap, ball and washers with spring. Remove the cap and ball first. You must note how the holes in the ball line up with the faucet body.


remove the cam and ball 2



Then,  remove the washer and spring using a slight head screwdriver.


remove the washer and spring with screwdriver



For Ceramic Disc Faucet just pull out the cylinder.


ceramic disc fuacet repair pull out cylinder



Step-6: For Ball Kitchen Faucets replace the new springs first then gently replace new washers.


install new spring and washer or seat in ball faucet


For Ceramic Disc Faucet install a new cylinder.


install a new cylinder for ceramic disc faucet


Step-7: Then reinstall all parts which you lift up.

Re-Assemble Ball Kitchen Faucet:

reinstall all parts in ball kitchen faucet


NOTE: In Ball Faucet re-installation the ball must be in the correct position for correct operation.


Re-Assemble Ceramic Disc Kitchen Faucet:

reinstall all parts in ceramic disc kitchen faucet



Watch Now: How To Fix A Leaky Single Handle
Kitchen Faucet Step by Step



If you have any questions or face to any problem to fix leaky kitchen faucet or even install a new one, please let us know through comment box. We’ll definitely try to reply you as early as possible.

After all, If you decide to buy a new faucet for your kitchen then our reviews and buying guide will definitely help you to choose the best one.



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