Interior Design Trends to Avoid This Year

August 08, 2021

There are some trends which should never have come into fashion yet somehow they end up adorning walls and floors around the country. Fortunately, no trend lasts forever – which is just as well in some cases!

For this post we asked the team behind the lifestyle goods site Such & Such to give us their prediction for the trends which are being binned this year finally. If you see something on this list that still resides in your home, it’s time to think whether they should stay or go.

  1. Anything dubbed tropical

Themed decor dubbed tropical or exotic is out finally so replace those cheesy furnishings with something more classic in a single bold colour or bright jewelled tone and ditch anything which features pineapple images.

  1. The industrial look

Forget greys, unfinished ceilings and metal furniture – the industrial look is well and truly over and we can all go back to making our homes feel comfortable and cosy again – about time!

Ditch those harsh steel pendant lamps and lighting and opt for softer choices and a splash of colour. A modern home can be stylish and minimalist without looking like an unfinished factory building.

  1. Multi-photo frame walls

The trend of decorating your walls with 100 family photos in a multi-frame has now had its day. While family photos have their place, having hundreds of them all one wall means it’s harder to see them and they become less of a treasured memory and more of an eye sore.

The trend instead is to invest in a key statement piece of art, or have one single photo blown up and framed in a stylish frame, so that the wall becomes a focal point rather than a mass of pictures you can’t really see.

  1. Exposed pipe work in the kitchen

This goes hand in hand with the demise of the industrial look. Exposed pipe work and metallic kitchens are just so last year now. Nobody wants to feel like their kitchen is some kind of work place.

So get rid of the exposed pipes and metal light fittings and go for a warmer, more welcoming feel, after all the kitchen is supposed to be the heart of the home, not a cage.

  1. The thrown together hippy look

While tie dye rugs on the walls and paper lanterns might just about be acceptable for a student flat, they have no place in a modern, grown-up home. Bohemian hippy decor is just not trendy any more. An acceptable option is to choose an authentic ethnic piece as a stand out item then that will work well within a general theme.

  1. The writing is on the wall

Huge stencils of writing on the wall, or framed posters stating love lives here, are all thankfully behind us. This trend of stencilling wording onto walls, or buying posters of so-called inspirational sayings to hang around the house is definitely one we are glad to say goodbye to.

  1. Bulky kitchen islands

Those weird units in the middle of kitchens that everyone just ends up bumping into are thankfully losing popularity and fast become a thing of the past as well, with people valuing space more.

Clever storage systems mean it’s easier to make more space within cupboards and drawers, losing the need for island storage. With more traditional dining spaces proving popular this year, islands have had their day.

  1. Painting everything grey

It used to be that everything was magnolia, then it became cool grey – thankfully this colour is on the way out and we are being more bold and daring with warmer colours seeking inspiration from nature.

Bolder jewel-inspired colours are also on trend, adding a nice pop of brightness to any room so ditch the grey and go for something more stylish and positive like a mid-blue.

  1. Built-in microwave ovens

Built-in microwaves, particularly those which are built-in at a high level making them rather tricky to use, were always a baffling design trend so it’s good to see this one on the way out as well.

While they might have helped to save a little bit of space, they didn’t provide anywhere near enough ventilation function and those placed at height were frankly dangerous and inaccessible for shorter people.

The new trend is to have under counter space dedicated to microwaves instead, still saving the space without having them placed in inconvenient positions which don’t work.

  1. Upholstered furniture with micro-fibre fabric

While practical, micro-fibre fabric has never looked sophisticated or stylish so it’s time to get rid of it and go for furniture upholstered with more traditional, quality fabric including leather, linen or tweed.



Trends come and go but some interior design trends should have been ditched a long time ago. So if you want to decorate your home in a stylish and modern way this year, make sure to avoid all of the trends listed here.

We are sure there are many more bad trends lurking out there so if you are planning to overhaul any room in your house, the best approach is to avoid anything which is being cited as trendy and just go with a look that best expresses your personality.

Classic looks never go out of style so combining a classic base, with touches of your own personality through accent colours and decorative items, can be a great way to keep your house feeling modern and sophisticated without being a slave to fashion trends. If you are selling you house, steer clear from over the top designs that might put off potential buyers.


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