Review: Delta 980T DST Touch2O
Kitchen Faucet



Each kitchen in each house is unique, and with an extensive variety of pricing and features, Delta faucets and fixtures can meet all need. Talk about the complete package and I’ll show you Delta 980T SSSD DST. It doesn’t just offer you an appealing ok, convenient control system and high automation for ease also comes with an attached soap dispenser. With a simple touch on any part of the spout, water flows out.



The Touch 20 technology allows the faucet to respond to little pressure such as the touch of your wrist or forearm. The pull-down wand gives you added flexibility and fits back into the spout when not in use. If you think you’ve seen elegance, you ain’t seen it yet until you use this one.



Features of Delta 980T SSSD DST


Soap dispenser means washing your dish or hands made easier. All you need to do turn it on.


Touch 20 technology saves you a lot of mess. You can simply the faucet on with your wrist in case your hands are dirty.


Includes a LED light that alerts you of water temperature. This prevents surprises or accidents.


The faucet stays clean even when your hands are not because you don’t need to use your dirty fingers to turn on. This also helps prevent the spread of bacteria in your kitchen.


The stainless finish adds beauty to your kitchen. In addition, great because does not corrode easily.



Advantages of Delta 980T SSSD DST


It easy to clean

Soft, rubber nubbins attached to the spout means you can easily wipe off calcium and lime that build up.


Magnatite Docking System

With a magnet present in the spout, the wand pulled back into place.


Auto Shut Off System

The faucet built to shut off the flow of water after every 4 minutes. This helps to conserve water.


Touch 20 Technology

Not only does turn on or off by a touch, can also tell the difference between a touch and a grab. It can detect false activation.


Lifetime Limited Warranty

This manufacturer’s warranty covers the faucet and the finish, so you can enjoy maximum customer support.





There have been complaints about the electrical solenoid.


Also, some users have complained about malfunctioning touch feature.



What Customer Said


delta 980t sssd dst pilar faucet review




The Touch 20 Technology of the Delta and soap dispenser are two additions that make this product stand out. It seeks to make life a lot easier. This one product you should get if you want a taste of luxury. It rated 4.0 out of 5 stars.



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