Kraus KPF 2110 Kitchen Reviews

If you need an efficient and easy to use the faucet, then select Kraus KPF 2110 single lever. The valve has one gear that gives simple flow control.

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Features of Kraus KPF 2110

This kitchen faucet has the following key features and technical specifications:

The faucet has a spout that is easy to swivel for ease and complete sink access.

The device has high, low and efficient performance neoprene aerator.

It also has a dual function pull-out sprayer which has a secure dock and a hose that has a counter weight.

The faucet has a single lever- a design that makes it easy to control and access too.

The faucet is also safe to use as it is constructed using lead-free brass.

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Pros of Kraus KPF 2110

The accessories consist of modern design which makes the faucet blend and look well in the kitchen. It is easy to install and of good weight, unlike other plastic faucets.

Ease to use

The faucet has components that move easily and smoothly every time you are using it. It is also easy to install since it comes with a well and written user manual for guidance. The handle works perfectly, and you can easily use your elbow to turn the water on. When it comes to the sink access, all you need to do is swivel the valve to reach it.


The faucet consists of heavy materials that make it robust and solid when connected to a sink. The color of the faucet is stainless steel and is finished using lead copper brass which makes it last mainly due to the contact of water and look attractive at the same time. The nozzle dock is well designed and fitted such that it will take a long time before it wears out.


The faucet is sold at a discount once you purchase it you get 15 percent off the initial price so take advantage of the great offer.


Kraus manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty such that in case the faucet has issues; the manufacturing company will provide spare parts or help you fix it for free.


The faucet has a red and blue indicator that shows cold and hot water making it suitable to be used by kids. It has dual function spray function that makes the work easy especially during the cleaning of dishes.

Cons of Kraus KPF 2110

The valve requires someone with knowledge of installing since if it is not connected well, you might experience small water passage. And this may make you end up spending extra money if you hire a plumber to do it for you.

It has a small water outlet of as little as 1.8 GPM and for those who want the heavy flow of water might find it unsuitable. making it not suitable for use in commercial places such as the hotels and restaurants.

You may experience some leakages from the faucet especially if the valve is not well fixed but ask for the replacement from the manufacturers if the issue persists.

What Customer Said

Kraus KPF 2110 Reviews customer

Final Verdict

The faucet is an excellent design since the components are crafted using heavy metals that are convenient and durable. It is easy to use since you only turn the water on using your elbow. The price is also pocket-friendly and is sold at a discount too. Also in the case where you experience some leakages, the manufacturing company will always be ready to help you resolve it at ones making it a reliable and efficient brand to work with.

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