Kraus KPF 2620SS Modern Oletto Faucet Reviews

Every home requires a faucet that is easy to use, durable and also efficient regarding accessibility among others. Well, one water tap to consider buying is the Kraus KPF 2620SS modern Oletto. The faucet uses a single lever and has a high performance as well.

Features of Kraus KPF 2620SS

  • The faucet is quite easy to DIY the top mount installation. It is designed with a metal body to maximize its durability.
  • The nozzle is designed with a rubber material that makes it easy to clean and prevent hard water build up.
  • It also has a high and low-performance flow neoprene aerator.
  • The faucet is made with easy, quick dock mount installation that you can easily do on your own.
  • It also has a kerox ceramic cartridge that is tested to be w/500,000 cycles.
  • The body of the faucet is made of stainless steel to maximize its durability.
  • The device has high and excellent non-superior coat and corrosion finish.
  • Presence of retractable neo pearl hose w/secure conn counter weight.
  • Availability of dual function pull down spray with a super swivels adaptor.

Pros of Kraus KPF 2620ss Modern Oletto Faucet


The body of the faucet is manufactured using metal to ensure its durability. The parts are well made and are solid to last for long. This includes the use of durable kerox ceramic cartridges for long lasting drip free usage.

Ease to work with

The quick dock is easy to mount installation. It is also packed with a user manual for guidance and does not need a nut for tightening too.


The neoprene aerator minimizes the water wastage without having to sacrifice pressure.

Affordable and reliable

This faucet is sold at a relatively low price and comes with a lifetime warranty such that the company will provide you with necessary spare parts if you experience leakage.


Apart from offering efficient for your kitchen usage, the water faucet is quite beautiful as it is finished with shiny and durable stainless steel that provides a taste of beauty to your kitchen.

Cons of Kraus KPF 2620ss

The faucet works well with a wide hole cover sink deck.

The valve is easy to get damaged due to push and pull while opening the water hence requires being handled with a lot of care and gentleness.

What Customer Said

kraus kpf 2620ss review

Final Verdict

If you are planning on innovating your bathroom or kitchen, then consider using Kraus products. The devices are made with strong, durable metals to ensure they are strong and has a finish of stainless steel that provides durability and protection from rusting and corrosion.
This faucet provides flawless functionality and ensures that the pressure of water is good as well. Some things to keep in mind though are; The valve needs one to handle it with care and gentleness when moving it therefore not suitable for homes with small kids. When it comes to installation, you will not need a technician or a nut to tighten it, and the price is also affordable for all too.