Kohler Malleco Touchless Kitchen Faucet Reviews

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Updated: June, 2022

We live in an age of comfort where technology is transforming every product we use in our homes. Our TVs, refrigerators, and other appliances now have smart functions to work out of daily operations. There are plenty of devices and gadgets we can install to simplify almost anything when it comes to kitchens. One of those gadgets is a touchless kitchen faucet working on motion sensors technology. Imagine you’re in the middle of cooking a batch of delicious fried chicken and your hands are gooey and sticky, covered in flour and egg. The last thing you want to do is use your messy hands to turn on the faucet to wash your hands.

It doesn’t count if you’re uncomfortable touching your faucet handle with unclean hands; it all becomes so much simpler if you don’t even have to worry about touching it in the first place. That’s where modern touchless kitchen faucets prove to be handy—no need to struggle to turn the faucet handle with your elbow or end up making the faucet all messy, you can simply wave your hand in front of its sensor, and well, that’s it. You are in action now; just a wave of the hand, and you can turn the sink on and off. Say No to mess and fuss. Replacing your existing kitchen faucet for a touchless faucet can even enable you to save water since turning it on and off becomes a snap.

Touchless Kitchen Faucets are unique because they use modern technology to add functionality and comfort when using them. They apply motion sensor technology to trigger the water flow. These faucets often feature one or two sensors; by waving to the sensor, the faucet will automatically start. Put off your hand, and the flow will stop. There are many touchless faucets available in the market, having stylish and elegant designs to fit all kitchen styles, from classic to modern. Most of them come with a handle like the conventional faucet to control the water flow at will.

It’s tough to deny the utility of touchless kitchen faucets. They’re cool, for one thing, as their motion sensors always give you some creative, contemporary techy feelings. Also, they keep things 100 times cleaner. The fact of the matter is; you don’t even have to be a tech wizard with a hygiene OCD to find them beneficial.

Suppose you’re ready to make the switch. In that case, you need to read honest Kohler Malleco Touchless Faucet Reviews to make the best decision and buy the most durable and long-lasting touchless faucets online from the most trusted kitchen appliance brand. Kohler is the market leader and a well-known producer of high-quality kitchen appliances. This article will present you with the genuinely unbiased and most honest Kohler Malleco Touchless Kitchen Faucet Review to guide you for the most valuable purchase for your kitchen.

Kohler Malleco Touchless Kitchen Faucet Features

Kohler Malleco Touchless Kitchen Faucet uses the innovative touchless technology that has been around for a while, but it is still a modern high-tech feature for most kitchens.

The following are few beneficial features to appreciate in the high-quality Kohler Malleco Touchless Pull Down Kitchen Faucet, making it the most suitable fixture for your kitchen.

Sensor Accuracy

Sensor Accuracy is the first most crucial characteristic of any touchless kitchen faucet. Since these fixtures rely on sensors triggered by movement, the sensor’s quality is the key feature to consider while making a purchase. The sensor accuracy varies mainly from one manufacturer to another. Some sensors are guilty of false activation that even a fly passing by causes them to activate, while others are less responsive to your hand getting close slowly. Kohler Malleco Touchless Kitchen Faucet comes with a speedy sensor that will respond to your hand motions within 20 milliseconds, making it the fastest touchless kitchen faucet.

It features an inbuilt activation-precision window that will satisfy your expectations by ensuring no false activations no matter how big or small your kitchen is. The sensor sensitivity is just perfect, neither letting you accidentally trigger the faucet each time you get close to it nor making activation a hassle, especially if you are in a rush. Kohler also offers a unique feature to make your kitchen function more convenient by ensuring that the sensors will still respond even when you extend the hose spray head. You don’t need to reach over and use the handle separately in this case. It uses high-quality ceramic disc valves to ensure durable performance for life.

Durable Material and Aesthetic Finishes

Kohler Malleco has used the highest quality vibrant stainless for the basic construction of this touchless kitchen faucet. The premium quality material is strong enough to hold for a couple of decades with regular maintenance. This faucet is not just durable but also aesthetically appealing to boost your kitchen appearance. It has a simple yet sophisticated design that will perfectly fit in almost every modern kitchen. The stainless steel used is resistant to spots and stains and easy to clean, and the Scratch Shield technology withstands the robust daily use.

Efficient Power Consumption

Since the sensors require a power source to work correctly, this touchless faucet comes with 6 AA batteries. Kohler Malleco Touchless Kitchen Faucet Reviews establish that the design is highly energy-efficient, and batteries will run for months without needing a replacement or recharge. It comes with an optional AC adapter making the use more convenient if you forget to recharge or replace the batteries.

Automatic Switch-off 

Triggering the sensor turns your touchless kitchen faucet on, which will automatically be deactivated, turning off the water flow after four minutes of inactivity. It prevents flooding and wastage of water if you forget to turn off the water. It is another useful and hygienic feature of a touchless kitchen faucet because you don’t need to turn off the water flow yourself every time.

Magnetic Docking Spray Head and Sweep Spray

Among the different types of magnetic docking kitchen faucets in the industry, Kohler Malleco uses DockNetik docking technology within the spout, which stands out for being the most reliable and easy to use. It allows the spray head to smoothly glide and snap back into place with ease while only an inch from the faucet. A high-quality magnet is used, which retains its power, securely locking the spray head just like new even after decades. This faucet also features advanced Sweep Spray technology, which forms a powerful water blade that washes food and debris away from dishes, resulting in superior cleanliness.

Comfortable Hose with Effective Length

Touchless Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet by Kohler Malleco maximizes convenience and comfort by offering a pull-down hose that extends up to 26 inches. However, it’s the shortest hose length than most of its competitors. It doesn’t hold it back from reaching the farthest spots of your sinks. It makes dishwashing more effective and ensures maximum cleanliness of your kitchen. It comes with a ProMotion braided hose, which is flexible, strong, and extremely quiet. Kohler has used flexible nylon to make the hose, which quickly follows your wrist motion instead of forcing you to settle for an uncomfortable position like older faucets.

Adjustable Water Flow and Temperature

Kohler Malleco Touchless Faucet is provided with a single-lever handle to offer safer and hygienic operation. It allows water temperature adjustment hassle-free, easy, and instantaneous. Water flow can also be adjusted by a few clicks depending upon your convenience and usage. It offers at least water flow at 1.5 gals/min with a water pressure of 60 psi.

MasterClean System

It is challenging to deal with hard water, which can destroy your kitchen products over time due to mineral deposits. This modern and beneficial faucet incorporates the most sought-after feature of MasterClean, which takes care of the surface buildup and prevents the minerals from becoming a problem.

Easily Installation

Kohler Malleco Touchless Kitchen Faucets come with pre-assembled supply lines and smart color-coded quick-connect fittings making DIY installation of faucet easy. It supports 1,2,3 or 4-hole sink configurations. The Kohler’s faucet is provided with a longer mounting shank making it fit perfectly for installation on 2½ inches thick countertops.

Lifetime Warranty

Kohler Malleco Touchless Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet comes with a lifetime warranty.


➥ Higher Price

Kohler Malleco Touchless Pull Down Kitchen Faucet is a top-quality product with one of the pricer sensors, thus comes with a higher price tag. But this product is worth the cost since it lasts long and performs better than most of its competitors.

➥ Long Turnoff Time

The faucet automatically turns itself off after 4-5 minutes of being idle, which could be inconvenient for some.

Final Verdict

Kohler Malleco Touchless Kitchen Faucet Reviews reveals a good value for money and an excellent investment. It offers a hygienic and hassle-free solution keeping your kitchen and home bacteria-free and clean. It also adds a long-lasting convenience to your home.


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