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KitBibb is a review site that reviews kitchen products. At KitBibb, we want to deliver our readers with the best and latest information about kitchen appliances to make their kitchen more comfortable.

If you want to write for us or submit to guest post to our website we’d definitely want to hear from you. We’re always interested in promoting new perspectives and unique ideas. If you have some helpful knowledge to share, we’d like to talk to you!

Want to write for us? Here your topics are-

About kitchen remodeling or home remodel (include kitchen).

About kitchen decoration or home decoration ideas (include kitchen).

Tips for select kitchen wall, floor, cabinets, countertop, rugs, backsplashes etc.

About kitchen lighting or home lighting ideas (include kitchen).

About kitchen layout or designing a new kitchen.

About kitchen trends or home trends.

Tips on outdoor kitchen ideas.

Home Interior design includes kitchen.

Home improvement (include kitchen) articles including how-to and informational tool articles.

Buying guide or tips for kitchen utensils and appliances.

Tips on choosing kitchen remodeling contractors.

DIY Projects (You must submit the full project with step by step full instructions including photos or gif or unique videos, materials, the time it takes etc).

Contributor and Guest Posting Guidelines

  1. Email us about guest post topic before you submit article.
  2. Your submitted content must be 100% original, unique and not published anywhere before. (We will check it via Copyscape / Plagiarism checker)
  3. The article should be a minimum of 700 words.
  4. It’s good if you provide article related imagery. But the imagery must be unique or you have to provide the license to use them or copyright notice.
  5. The article should be high quality. We will reject the article if there is lots of grammatical errors.
  6. Content must be well formatted. Give a attractive title and short intros withing 5-7 lines. Avoid excessively long sentences in the content.
  7. Not allowed any spun or plagiarized content.
  8. We reserve the right to edit your content and reject it for quality reasons.
  9. Include references with links to external. (it will be more helpful for readers)
  10. You can get one backlink from the content. (must be the link is related to the article topic and anchor text should not look like spammy, it will be natural. For example watch the image below.)

naturally link building

Write To Us

Please send us about your guest post topic or ideas first. We will response you within 72 hours.

Send your article by attaching a .html or .doc type file with a complete format (Title, intros, subheading, images outbound links, references, authors info etc) at admin@kitbibb.com or click here to send us about your content ideas along with your introduce.